The RET recy­cling pro­cess is a revo­lu­tio­na­ry solu­ti­on. It is based on many years of expe­ri­ence in bat­tery recy­cling. In an effi­ci­ent, clean pro­cess, our tech­no­lo­gies enable safe and effec­ti­ve recy­cling of all cur­rent lithi­um-ion bat­te­ries.



Thin­king about tomor­row today!

We are well awa­re of the chall­enge that the coming years will bring.

The pro­duc­tion and mar­ke­ting of lithi­um-ion bat­te­ries (LIB) is ste­adi­ly incre­asing. The elec­tro­mo­bi­li­ty sec­tor alo­ne is gro­wing expo­nen­ti­al­ly. Added to this are all the so-cal­led con­su­mer bat­te­ries that can be found in smart­phones and other elec­tro­nic devices, for exam­p­le. From today’s per­spec­ti­ve, the amount of used bat­te­ries retur­ned in Euro­pe will increase eight­fold by 2030. By 2040, 40 times as many used bat­te­ries will pro­ba­b­ly need to be recy­cled. This is why we want to make a signi­fi­cant con­tri­bu­ti­on to estab­li­shing a cir­cu­lar eco­no­my for used bat­te­ries and thus con­ser­ve our pla­ne­t’s limi­t­ed resour­ces.

Our Per­for­mance

98% black mass reco­very

By using the impact reac­tor, we gua­ran­tee a high yield and very clean black mass.

95% recy­cling quo­ta

We alre­a­dy meet the legal­ly requi­red quo­tas for 2031.

99% puri­ty of the black mass

The puri­ty of our black mass enables effi­ci­ent fur­ther pro­ces­sing in the hydro­me­tall­ur­gi­cal pro­cess.

Eco-effi­ci­ent recy­cling

Our pro­cess is opti­mi­zed so that it is not only eco­no­mic­al but also envi­ron­men­tal­ly fri­end­ly.



Unloa­ding - effi­ci­ent, clean and safe

To ensu­re maxi­mum pro­cess and work safe­ty, the bat­te­ries are deep­ly dischar­ged to 0 V. It does­n’t mat­ter whe­ther it’s enti­re memo­ries, modu­les or indi­vi­du­al cells. 

The tar­ge­ted resi­du­al dischar­ge of the elec­tri­cal ener­gy still stored in the cells redu­ces the risk poten­ti­al for the sub­se­quent recy­cling pro­cess and impro­ves the ener­gy balan­ce of the pro­cess by allo­wing both a return to the dry­ing tre­at­ment and a chan­ge in direc­tion to feed back into the net­work.



Dry­ing - inno­va­ti­ve, pre­cise and cus­to­mizable

Depen­ding on the size of the sys­tem, the bat­te­ries are then eit­her inert or safe­ly decom­po­sed in a vacu­um. The elec­tro­ly­te is sepa­ra­ted and reco­ver­ed in a high­ly effec­ti­ve dry­er spe­ci­al­ly deve­lo­ped for this appli­ca­ti­on.

The dischar­ged lithi­um-ion bat­te­ries are crus­hed in an inert atmo­sphe­re and thus bro­ken down. The bat­tery com­pon­ents are then fed into our vacu­um dry­ing pro­cess, in which the vola­ti­le elec­tro­lytes eva­po­ra­te by gene­ra­ting nega­ti­ve pres­su­re in com­bi­na­ti­on with heat. The­se are then con­den­sed out again and bot­t­led in liquid form. Only the dried cell com­pon­ents are then sent for mecha­ni­cal sepa­ra­ti­on.



Impact reac­tor - high-qua­li­ty, effec­ti­ve and powerful

Only one unit is requi­red for del­a­mi­na­ti­on of the elec­tro­de foils, for the agglo­me­ra­ti­on of metals and for sepa­ra­ti­on of the black mass: The RET impact reac­tor.

By using the impact reac­tor, we gua­ran­tee a high yield and yet very clean black mass, even with pre­vious­ly unt­rea­ted, dry pro­duc­tion was­te and scrap. The dry cell com­pon­ents are fed into the impact reac­tor. A spe­cial rotor ensu­res that the coa­tings are detached from the car­ri­er films and the released Black Mass is dischar­ged using an air flow and paten­ted deflec­tor wheel tech­no­lo­gy. Mean­while, the housing parts, sepa­ra­tors and metal foils are sphe­ri­cal­i­zed and then sepa­ra­ted from each other by sui­ta­ble sepa­ra­ti­on units and fil­led accor­ding to type.

Our Tech­no­lo­gies

Revo­lu­ti­on in bat­tery recy­cling

From dischar­ging and dry­ing to sepa­ra­ti­on in the impact reac­tor. All cur­rent lithi­um-ion bat­te­ries can be recy­cled safe­ly and effec­tively in an effi­ci­ent, clean pro­cess using sta­te-of-the-art tech­no­lo­gies.



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